We created this website because we want a place to talk about topics that are important to us.  This site is designed to allow for expression (and connection) around our multiple passions:

Power Exchange

We believe deeply in Power Exchange (AKA Authority Transfer, PE, or PX) relationships. We credit Power Exchange for the successful breadth and depth of our own relationship, and we recommend incorporating Power Exchange elements into almost any relationship.  We are the International Power Exchange title holders for 2017 – meaning we have a responsibility to educate about Power Exchange (in general) and also our specific relationship style.  We hope to provide good introductory information on Power Exchange, as well as exploring topics that will allow both novices and more experienced couples to consider ways to add Power Exchange to their relationship.

Personal Growth

Self-improvement and personal growth are also topics we strive to contemplate, understand and communicate. We work to maintain a focus on personal growth in our own lives – whether in physical well-being, communication skills, improved self-discipline, or other arenas.  We hope to teach people the ability to set goals, attend to priorities, and get the most out of their life.  While it is increasingly common to struggle with out-of-control emotions or hedonistic pursuit of gratification, we pursue and teach the qualities of temperance and equanimity.

Tolerance, Self-exploration and Intimacy

We are advocates for tolerance, education, communication, and consensual intimacy.  We helped create The Columbus Space in order to give our local community a safe place to gather to discover and explore their authentic self.

Consultation and Life Strategies

We provide consultation with individuals and couples related to relationships, life strategies, personal improvement, power exchange, and intimacy.  If you want to book us for a consultation, please use the Contact Us page.  We generally charge about half of what Kevin charged while in private practice as a psychologist.  In addition, we will occasionally allow people to visit our home for a specialized retreat.


We accept speaking engagements at a variety of events, conferences, and educational institutions around the world.  We keep a relatively complete list of both our upcoming engagements and past presentations.  Our class list shows most of the presentations we are currently prepared to provide.  We do develop custom workshops (related to our interests) on request.  We also happily moderate panel discussions and roundtable discussions.

But is it Kinky?

Well, yes and no.  For those who can’t decide whether to applaud or be appalled, we have some general guidelines to help you know whether we are advocating for Kinky Debauchery and the overthrow of polite society.  Generally speaking, we aren’t really hate-worthy even to pretty conservative folks.