We are finally done the huge crush of work to get The Columbus Space into presentable condition.  It isn’t perfect, but we can start having events there.  That is excellent news for katie and I, since that means we can start to reclaim our lives.  We put everything on hold for several months, and now need to get back on top of everything we let slide.  It was necessary, but now we have to fix the damage done.

We are starting to book our 2016 Great Lakes Power Exchange schedule.  As title holders we are expected to present at a minimum of four (4) events over the title year.  I’m guessing we’ve nearly completed that already – I’d have to check our calendar.  We have three (3) more events booked for February, March and April.  Then we need bookings to take us through to October.  We have October booked.

The main point of this post is to mention that the website here is a bit of an embryo.  It is wrinkly and ugly.  If you happen to wander past and notice… please view it with kindness in your heart.  It’ll grow up into a real website someday.