Gearing Up and Gone

We’ve spent the last couple of weeks slowly building up steam toward today.  We’ve been gathering bits and pieces that have to go to Beyond Leather and the International Power Exchange competition with us – silent auction baskets, hiking poles, granola bars…

Today we do the final preparations.  Suits go into suit bags.  Things get checked off the Go List.

Tomorrow we hit the road.  We’ve planned a leisurely drive south, with a nice hike built into the travel each day.  We’ll be down in Ft Lauderdale in about 6 days, hopefully well rested and invigorated from the trip.

People keep asking if we are nervous, or if we are ready.  Our answer is easy:  We plan to be us and do what we always do.  We will teach just like we always teach.  We will live our Power Exchange just like every other day.  It is hard to get too nervous about being who we have been for 14 years.  Our goal isn’t to impress the judges, our goal is to try to make sure the judges get a realistic and honest look at who we are.

What is the worst that is going to happen?  We don’t win International, so we come home… and garden and fuck and hike and host gatherings and teach at events.  Sounds like a “win” either way, really.

That said, the reasons we chose to pursue this title still exist:

  • We want to be able to represent our style of Power Exchange and bring it to a larger audience, beyond our local region.
  • We want to support others in Power Exchange relationships.
  • We want to help  educate non-kinky folks about Power Exchange.

So even though we don’t have a lot of ego or self-esteem tied up in winning at IPE, we plan to be amazing.  I’mma wear my favorite tie… so you other competitors better watch out.  <grins>

Aspiration or Commitment?

katie and I sponsor a 21 Day Challenge forum, and encourage ourselves and others to find one (or more) things to attempt to accomplish for 21 days in a row.

I was doing some reading that got me percolating a bit. I realized that I treat the 21 day challenges as a set of… aspirations? These are things I value and want to have as part of my life.

But I don’t treat them as commitments! I don’t treat them as if I have promised to do them. I don’t treat them as if I would get a million dollars if I was successful. I don’t treat them as if katie would be disappointed if I fail.

I just list a few things that sound like a good idea, and I poke away at them and make some improvements in my life. And I don’t know if that is actually OK. By placing them in the 21 Day challenge, am I making a promise to do them?

I think if I was listing what I was prepared to guarantee would be done each day, I would make a different list. I would shorten the time-frames perhaps. Right now I have set myself up for 3 hours of daily effort. That’s a bunch.  My current list looks like this:

2/21 Post in “21 Days”, every day

1/21 Read inspirational book (30+ minutes)
1/21 Write (website, presentation, or book) (1 hour)
1/21 Exercise – cardio/resistance (1 hour)

0/21 Water (3 x 750ml)
0/21 Yoga/Tai Chi (30 minutes)
0/21 zero sugar / easy carbs

So now I’m pondering how best I want to use the 21 day challenges, and the actual intent of the challenges. Aspiration or commitment?