August 2016 Update

We’ve been crushingly busy the last few months.  I feel like I’ve barely been at my keyboard since International.  Obviously that isn’t entirely true, and this blog needs some updates:


We didn’t bring home the title.  I’m not really able to say we “lost” as we made new friends, and got invitations to teach at some distant events, and that was part of our goal for attempting a title run in the first place.  We were obviously disappointed, since we felt like we had a lot to offer the title, but the title is in good hands with another couple.


It is coming up on two years since we began stewardship of the local kinkster group.  While we have managed to have a gathering every month (and often more than one), I’d like to do more connecting, supporting, and educating for the local community.  I’ve not yet figured out how I want to do that, or what it will look like.  Perhaps simply starting with refreshing some connections to other locals?  That is a project for Fall, however.  Our current crush of activity doesn’t leave a lot of space for expanding our activity.


We’ve presented 5 times since April, not including the presenting we did at Beyond Leather.  On the immediate horizon is Master/slave Conference (MsC) and Great Lakes Leadership Alliance (GLLA).  That will be our first time attending both events, and we get to go as presenters.

At MsC, we get to have a unique experience!  We will be on a panel with Raven Kaldera, Joshua Tenpenny, Sir Stephen, and slave Catherine.  We will be discussing the enactment of Power Exchange outside of a Leather framework.  In essence, “How can you call yourself Master/slave but not Leather?”

Great Lakes Power Exchange

Our title year has come to a close.  But wait… there’s more.

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