Great Lakes Power Exchange (GLPE)

Great Lakes Power Exchange

Why have we been so busy lately?  Part of it is family and life and business… the priorities that must co-exist and harmonize with Power Exchange and service to the community.  Those things have required a lot of attention recently.  And those who cannot find balance, who cannot flex and adapt, who cannot make priorities a priority – they are sure to fail eventually.  <Ooops.  Insert personal philosophy statement and get distracted from intended update… right about here.>

Anyhow, super busy and mostly none of your business.  However, some interesting developments in the GLPE contest are relevant and are your business:

  1.  They shifted the contest forward two month, to move the event to a new venue and coordinate it with another event.  That means that our title year would be a total of 10 months.
  2. The shift also shortened the timeframe for accepting (finding/supporting/arm-twisting) applicants for the 2017 title year.  Which meant that as the time of the contest approached they were missing an important component: contestants.

Obviously, 1+2=12.  We had a short title year, and they preferred not to let the title sit empty, so they asked us to continue holding the title for 2017.  We are very excited and honored to be asked to continue.  It feels nice to know we did enough with the 10 months we were given that they felt comfortable entrusting us with another year of service to the region.

The GLPE contest is now in August.  Because the Producers had already done all the work to arrange a venue and gather judges, they asked us to perform our Presentation (10 minute), Fantasy (6 minute) and Interview (20 minute) for a mock-judging.  That would give us the opportunity to have some feedback, and give others that might consider a title run the opportunity to see a contest.

The result?  We had a little over one month to prepare for the mock-judging.  Had first-time contestants applied, we would simply have stepped aside.  It was odd – we had to be 100% prepared, but didn’t know, for certain, that we would be called on to carry the title until just a few days before the event, when the application deadline passed.

So we did our mock-competition this last weekend (August 27).  We have already received a lot of feedback, from the judges, the audience, and the Producers.  The majority of the feedback is that there is very little to improve – and that we will be great representatives at the International Power Exchange competition, at Beyond Leather, in 2017.

Yup.  We are going back.

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