About Us

We are, in many ways, just a normal couple who love and adore each other.  However, without any real knowledge or understanding of what we were doing, we chose to begin our relationship with an Authority Transfer (or Power Exchange if you prefer) foundation.  Even though there were some struggles, we found our way to an amazing relationship.  We credit much of our success to our focus on personal growth, self-discipline, and Authority Transfer.

We’ve spent the last several years (since 2012) sharing some of our techniques in a variety of workshops and classes.  Our class list is here.

Assuming you are here to have us present for you, we have a couple of official bios right here.

We are relatively private people.  You aren’t likely to find where we graduated, what kind of car we drive, or our favorite pizza toppings here.   We live in rural Ohio, and have a crafty dog.  Despite loving outdoor activities we often end up too busy with our presenting and community activities to enjoy them as much as we would wish.