Class List


Pick two or three classes in order to create a half-day or full-day experience!

Get Your Shit Together Intensive

  • Self-Discipline Before Discipline
  • Actions Express Priorities
  • “No Fair” – Stinkin’ Thinkin’ in Power Exchange

Power Exchange Intensive

  • Why do Power Exchange?
  • Executive Power Exchange
  • Fuck-up and Fix-up

Training, Trance and Technique

  • Sit, Stay, Cum
  • Power Exchange Scenes
  • Erotic Trance and Altered States

Individual Class Descriptions:

Self-Discipline before Discipline: What makes you fit to lead or follow?

Being in charge of another person is quite a responsibility. Most of us are mediocre at keeping ourselves on track, let alone leading another. Submissives are disciplined and guided by another and yet sometimes struggle to discipline themselves. Dominants need to have the self-discipline to inspire awe and trust. Kevin and katie firmly believe that self-discipline is the base for all the success they have found in their life and relationship. This class shares very clear ways to get reduce the chaos in your life and grow to be better Leaders and followers.

Note:  This class is also offered in a non-Power Exchange format as a motivational, personal growth or continuing education workshop.

Erotic Trance and Altered States

Note:  We have found this to be very difficult to successfully deliver in a large/busy conference due to the noise, and the need for people to be not-exhausted.  Please do not set your heart on this class unless you check with us first.

We’ve all heard that the mind is “the biggest sex organ.” We probably can also agree that ‘subspace’ is an altered state of consciousness. What if through some simple techniques you could begin to explore the mental landscape of sex and submission? This class provides introductory information on creating trance and altered states. Everyone will have an opportunity to participate in two guided relaxation exercises.

Executive Power Exchange

We discuss how and why we came to this cooperative model of Power Exchange. Using a business model of CEO and COO, we created a very functional and adaptable style of Power Exchange that has lasted over 15 years. We will share how to make maximum use of brilliant, powerful followers and how to be a Leader in the company which is your relationship.

Power Exchange Scenes – How to add energy and intensity (2.5 – 3 hours)

This workshop is about the Power Exchange elements that can be nurtured and highlighted during your regular “play” sessions. Kevin and katie help you tune-in to the Power Exchange opportunities and learn to enhance the connection within your own play style. Those just beginning to add Power Exchange to their scenes will get great “starter” ideas. There will also be techniques that are more complex and can take years to build. This is a workshop with many opportunities to do hands on practice with a partner, but those without a partner are encouraged to also attend and participate.

Note: We can also do Power Exchange Scenes as a 101 single session, instead of a double session. It isn’t quite as super-duper, but it does give a great introduction.

Fuck-up and Fix-up – moving beyond mistakes and lost trust.

All of us make mistakes – usually small mistakes that are easy to move beyond, but sometimes thing go right off the rails. Serious mistakes and hurt feelings can undermine and weaken a relationship. Without trust and respect Power Exchange relationships are in serious trouble. This class addresses the struggle, and methods, to repair and heal when a relationship has suffered a fuck-up.

Sit, Stay, Cum – The Psychology of Training

A simple introduction to getting started in training your submissive. What sorts of things should you train? Is training ethical? In this workshop we discuss some of the underpinning theory of reward and punishment, as well as giving practical tips on how to get started on a behavior change program. We also discuss “orgasms on command” and how to begin orgasm training. We know you want proof, so we will end the class with Kevin making katie into a orgasm-on-command puddle.

Proactive Submission: Inspiring the new or stagnant Power Exchange relationship

It is easy for a Dominant to get his/her needs met. How does a submissive get her/his needs met without being accused of Topping from the Bottom or worse? This workshop helps give submission new direction and focus.

Getting Into The Swing of Things

Kevin and katie are not really swinging swingers, nor are they poly polyers. But since they occasionally fuck other people they aren’t exactly monogamous, except that they mostly are. What are some of the ways you might craft a sexy encounter with one or more other people? Swing clubs are not the only option. Is there a style of non-poly non-monogamy that might suit you? What are some of the ways it can enhance a relationship and what are some of the risks? Come hang out with us and learn some of the basics of adding sexy fun times to your relationship.

Master and slave 101– find your feet, find your knees.

Intro to Master/slave relationships. Understanding and defining the roles. Why might you want to consider it? How does one get started? What are the benefits and risks? Is it as scary and overwhelming as it sounds?

“No Fair!” – Stinkin’ Thinkin’ in Power Exchange

We all invest a lot of energy into things we cannot change.  As you start, build, and maintain your power exchange relationship it is possible to fall into patterns of thinking and reacting that undermine the dynamic.  We cling to irrational and destructive beliefs.  This class discusses how to alter your thoughts to get the results you want.  What do you think and do when there is a conflict of opinion in your relationship?  As a Leader, what internal messages do you allow to drive you?  As a Follower, what thoughts play inside your head that interfere in your role?  You can alter your perspective and strengthen your dynamic.

Why do Power Exchange? – a psychologist’s perspective.

Kevin is a retired psychologist who spent many years providing relationship counseling to couples facing problems. Along with katie, they have moderated Power Exchange discussion groups, and provided individual support to people working to make their relationship great. Now, they are offering a summary of those experiences. Why should you consider entering into a Power Exchange relationship, even if you haven’t considered it before? What core elements from a Power Exchange dynamic might help avoid the challenges often faced in a vanilla relationship? Does functioning within a Power Exchange dynamic change the way couples face common obstacles? How does a Power Exchange relationship change the way couples approach Entropy and Growth?

24/7 Power Exchange (with others living with you!)

Some people say that 24/7 Power Exchange is a myth. What about employment? What about children or elderly parents in the home? What about out at the grocery store? Your slave isn’t crawling and naked then, right?

Kevin and katie talk a bit about the myths of 24/7 Power Exchange. But more importantly, they discuss the tips and tricks that make it not just possible, but an important part of maintaining a long term relationship. How do you fold Power Exchange elements into the grind of everyday life? So many people come home tired from work, have to do the housework, and take care of the kids… and then try to muster up the time for a scene, or fancy protocols. How can you make it all fit?

Actions Express Priorities

Your Needs, Wants and Desires should be used to create a set of priorities that inform your decision making and guide your actions. This workshop follows that chain, from beginning to end, helping turn priorities into actions. We’ll cover some basics of setting priorities, skillful decision making, and staying on target. In a Power Exchange relationship, how do you make decision that are guided by priorities? When your life or your relationship seem to be struggling can using priorities as a tool help put things right? Kevin and katie share tips and techniques for using a focus on priorities to support and enhance your relationship and personal growth.

Exploring Submission and Slavery

Remaining healthy and whole as a new submissive can be very tricky. You are faced with serious mental, emotional, and physical challenges. This presentation is filled with tips and insights learned the hard way through katie’s journey into slavery. Great for Dominants too – an exceptional peak inside the mind of a slave.

The Adventure Guide – how to find the path.

We all want great stuff, but sometimes the road from here to there is unclear. In this workshop we explore the necessary components to finding your way. Unless your life is practically perfect in every way, you may want to learn more about clarifying priorities, goals, needs, wants, decision making, and decisive action. While this workshop could be Corporate Vanilla, we make sure we add BDSM flavor to this personal growth topic.

M/s 24/7 – The Reality

Full Time Work! Always On, with no commercial breaks! In your role 24/7 with no chance to hang out and just Be! People have many misconceptions about how 24/7 works. These misconceptions either prevent them from diving in and doing it, or give them unrealistic expectations that wreck their attempts. This workshop helps you find the way to have 24/7 even through crisis, kids, and jobs.

Dominants and submissives! Chose your slavery!

You heard me: we are all slaves. We are slaves to our vices, addictions, attachments, and habits. In this workshop we painfully peel back the illusion that we are doing OK, and point out all the ways we are still slaves to unhealthy Masters. Slavery is fine…but it is better to know, understand, and carefully chose what you consent to have rule you.

Fifteen Years Master and slave: How we did it

In this workshop, katie and Kevin reveal the ugly secrets and delicious details about thirteen years as Master and slave. Full of tips, tricks, stories, stumbles and katie saying “penis” a lot. Laugh and learn from our mistakes and successes. You will know us better by the end than our own families – which we like to pretend is a selling point for attending this workshop.